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Why we're here

Because Awareness, Compassion, and Kindness Yield Open Understanding for the Homeless

Knowing who our homeless neighbors are and what factors contribute to homelessness reminds us that we are all people, we all have dignity, and we all deserve respect.


Knowing our homeless neighbors opens our eyes and hearts to their joys and sorrows. Caring for people is at the core of BACK@YOU. If we know them, we must also care about them.


Knowing and caring empower us to act to help make the lives of our homeless neighbors better. We do this through simple acts of kindness. We cannot do everything, but we can do something.


If we know and care and act, we cannot help but understand. A home is not what makes you a person or earns you dignity. We’re all in this life and world together. We’re all neighbors.


The homeless matter, and they are not invisible

BACK@YOU supplies backpacks to the homeless filled with essentials that help them survive life on the streets. Along with those items, there is a scarf, handmade with love, letting the recipient know that there is kindness, comfort and respect being given to them. Our goal is to make each person on the streets know that they are not invisible, they matter, and they are worthy of warmth, both literally and figuratively.

  • Homelessness in America

    14% of Americans experience homeless at some point

  • Military

    26% of the homeless are military veterans

  • Children

    39% of the homeless population in St. Louis are children younger than 18

Who We Are

BACK@YOU is a labor of love. In addition to our donors and volunteers, these are the faces of BACK@YOU.
Director, Founder & President
Kathy started BACK@YOU to spread her passion for connecting with our homeless neighbors to others. For our inaugural distribution, Kathy made each scarf by hand to preserve that personal connection.
Kevin has been inspired for years by Kathy’s passion for helping our homeless neighbors. When Kathy started BACK@YOU, Kevin was eager to help in any way he could. He is an integral part of the BACK@YOU team.
Director & Treasurer
Becky knew at once that she wanted to be right there with Kathy to hand out backpacks. She also brought her business sense and experience to the board of BACK@YOU and to her role as treasurer.
Director & Secretary
Jesse is a St. Louis native and a Navy veteran. Now he’s a lawyer, and helping our homeless neighbors is an important part of his pro bono practice. Kathy’s passion inspired him to help her make a difference with BACK@YOU.
Jim is an accomplished businessman with a big heart. When he first heard of Kathy’s idea to hand out backpacks for the homeless, he found her compassion infectious. Now he’s a member of the BACK@YOU board.
Kathy’s enthusiasm is indeed infectious and LaDonna has been her cheerleader from the inception of Back@You. Knowing it is always more fun to give than to receive, LaDonna looks forward to being an official member of the team.

What it means

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BACK@YOU periodically distributes supplies for the homeless in St. Louis, Missouri. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide shelter or money. If you need other assistance, please contact a local shelter or other homeless services provider near you.