BACK@YOU is one step closer to filling 200 backpacks for the homeless this year!

BACK@YOU is thrilled to announce that the IRS has approved our 501(c)3 status! Those four numbers and a letter may not look or sound like much, but they are huge in taking what we can do to the next level. The sky is now the limit, and we need your help. Thank you for all your support in reaching this important milestone!

In the coming months, we will hold sock drives, scarf parties, music events, and trivia nights. We need you to be there! You can have fun while helping our homeless neighbors. We will also continue to promote our website ( where you can learn more about us and what you can do to help. And don’t forget our GoFundMe campaign, where you can donate and watch us grow. We quickly surpassed our initial goal, so it is time to up the ante and raise the goal! Help us reach $2000 in the next month!

This is the beginning of a journey. We want to show our homeless neighbors that we respect them and recognize their basic dignity. And we will support organizations and initiatives that will help them find homes. We are so excited you are a part of this great community! Thank you for your support, and please encourage your friends and family to join us and help us reach the next level!

We see the homeless, and we’ve got their backs. We hope you do too!