If you have never participated in our distribution, it can be hard to describe. I can tell you that we gather 100 volunteers together to show our homeless neighbors the kindness and the respect that every human being deserves, and that we do it personally, one on one. I can also tell you that we give them backpacks filled with essentials to make life on the streets a little easier, and a scarf handmade with love to show them that someone truly cared. But would you be able to picture it?

This year we were fortunate to have Shawn Durham take an interest in what BACK@YOU does and how we do it and to figure out a way to share it with those who couldn’t participate. Shawn recently graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore where she studied communication and media, with her main focus being in video production. She is passionate about using her work to do good (and to maybe shoot an occasional music video) and we were excited when she volunteered to put her talents to work for us.

For those volunteers who took part this year or any of the other years and felt the experience was amazing but went by too quickly, we think you will enjoy this too.