Another Year of Gratitude for BACK@YOU in 2017

As the old year ends and we welcome 2018, I am able to look back on all that BACK@YOU has accomplished. Two events held by Kendra Scott were incredibly successful and will ensure that each backpack in 2018 will again contain 18 hour body/hand warmers. These warmers can save lives on a bitter cold night…

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No Longer Homeless

Eddie is my friend. I used to tell people that “Eddie is my friend who is homeless.” Not anymore. I can now just say, Eddie is my friend. Eddie moved into his apartment about a month ago, and I saw it for the first time today. Eddie is king of his castle! He is so…

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A Great First Year, but the Best Is yet to Be!

October 10 was an amazing day for BACK@YOU and The Bridge Outreach! 50 volunteers started showing up at about 8:30 am to get ready for this event, and they were ready to give and overjoyed with what they received in return. Our volunteers worked hard giving personal care to each of our homeless neighbors as they…

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